Yesterday was a strange day. Just one of those days that strange things happen. First I went to Evason to see my friend who was flying back to OZ yesterday and I had a last minute booking for a one hour photo shoot so I went early but couldn’t find her. So I got a deck chair, coffee and fish and chips for breakfast and stared out at the ocean and thought about my life (more about that later). *Tasi I had no credit on my phone to call you…so finally my friend turned up just 10 mins before my taxi and we had to say goodbye (I hate goodbyes).

Then I went to Patong to meet Shiran who wanted photos for fun and also perhaps for her modeling portfolio. The beach at their resort wasn’t ideal so we headed to Paradise Beach. Every other time I went there it was quiet and I even organized a few weddings there and it was amazingly secluded for being so close to Patong. Not yesterday. It was packed. I hope it’s not because I mentioned it on my blog too many times. And now you have to pay 100 baht to go on the beach. It includes a deck chair and dipping your toes in the ocean.

Shiran is a beautiful girl and full of energy and so we were running up and down the beach, over rocks, onto a boat, into a monkey cage (and attacked) and everyone on the beach was having a look but she was all about getting the photos and so was I so we just had fun with 3 outfit changes and got a lot of images in 90 minutes. Here are some of them…

And then last night we went to Friendship Beach for a swim and dinner. Kingston was loving the water so much and didn’t want to get out even though he was shivering. Friendship Beach is such a chilled out place to go and it’s great you can use the pool for free if you are using the restaurant. If you want to go there it’s on the main road to Rawai on the left from Chalong Circle just past the big Tesco a bit.