Twin Palms beach wedding in Phuket

I love photographing weddings for Kiwis because I miss NZ and it’s just a day speckled with little reminders of home. Rebecca and Mark are expats living in Singapore. They got married at the lovely Twin Palm Resort in Surin, Phuket.

It was threatening to rain but held off until everyone was inside and seated for dinner in the restaurant. The sunset was totally one of the most amazing ones I’ve seen since living in Thailand. The photos below have not been altered in Photo shop or any other programs. It really was that dramatic!

Here are some highlights from their wedding day ~ photography by Gina & Mambo.



There was a slight delay in everyone being ready for the bridal party’s grand entrance into the wedding reception so we made our own little party outside – see photos below!

She was a bit of a wedding crasher trying to sell her goods to the bride at her wedding reception. But really who gets to have a lovely woman from Chiang Mai in full traditional dress at their wedding?