Phuket Krabi Indian wedding

Cynthia was nervous for the Chinese Tea Ceremony. Her sister helped her get ready and she wore the most amazingly elaborate Chinese outfit with stylish matching red accessories. They joined their family for the exchange of tea and gifts of gold.

You can see Cynthia with her grandmother below. They are very close and her grandmother told me (through a translator) that she was very excited for this part of the day. These people welcomed us into their celebrations like we were also friends rather than working by sharing family stories, translating, telling us their plans for upcoming events and it was so lovely and refreshing to be treated like that and I thank them all for that.

It was time for a quick lunch before preparing for the Indian ceremony. Come back tomorrow for that post ~ photography by Gina & Jaran.

Check out that cheeky monkey that joined in during our post-ceremony photo shoot. Railey Beach is famous for the wild monkeys roaming around the area and also for rock climbing. It’s a fantastic place to chill out for a holiday, honeymoon or tropical beach wedding party although it will be some time before Cynthia & Ashid’s intercultural wedding is matched.

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