Maybe the last post looked like someone had hijacked my photography blog. Nope, just now that there are no tourists in Phuket I am writing about some other things that I will post here. Seems like a good time to share wedding photography and wedding planning tips and info, cool places to see in Phuket, some profiles about all the really amazing people I work with in Phuket and some random Phuket posts. If there is anything particular you are wondering about just drop me a line.

Thank you to everyone for your support during this crazy and strange time of the Covid pandemic.

I have been working with so many beautiful brides who have been going through so much stress and disappointment as wedding dates seem uncertain. Many have moved the date for their weddings to next year. Slowly I hope things will get back to a new normal and the excitement of wedding season can start to build again, the tourists can come back to beautiful Phuket and have epic holidays and weddings.

I think this little flower girl’s face sums up how we feel some days. This was taken in the good old days in Phi Phi ~ photography by Gina.