Many faces I have seen,
Many places I have been,
Walked the deserts, swam the shores (coming closer to you),
Many faces I have known,
Many ways in which I’ve grown,
Movin closer on my own (coming closer to you).

Do you remember that song from the movie soundtrack The Beach by the All Saints? I always loved that song so much, much, much!

So I almost lost it when we got the job to go to Pattaya to shoot behind the scenes for reality TV show X Factor New Zealand and All Saints band member Melanie Blatt was a judge. I had a wedding that day but luckily Jaran could go. I was totally wishing I could have gone but also glad Jaran could do it. Ironic thing was he had never heard of them so he wasn’t star struck like I might have been.

Above is a great photo of Melanie, her sister and New Zealand TV host Dominic Bowden relaxing at sunset with some cocktails ~ photography by my own super star Jaran.