This JW Marriott wedding is amazing for many reasons. One of my favorite moments is when the couple release a turtle into the ocean.

The groom carried the heavy creature to the ocean and it made a slow start as it waddled along the sand and then launched into the water. All the guests were delighted by the special and unique moment.

The resort works closely with the Mai Khao Turtle Marine Foundation. Mai Khao is one of the few Phuket beaches where you can see nesting turtles. The eggs are rescued from surrounding beaches where the necessary natural and peaceful environment can no longer be guaranteed.The eggs are the given to the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) and Royal Thai Navy who provide a safe home for the eggs to hatch and the young turtles to gain strength before finding their true home in the sea. Just like this one that you see in the wedding video.

Will share some more from this wedding later this week as it was published in a bridal magazine showcasing the best destination wedding venues in Asia. So happy to be featured!