For this blog post I think it’s easiest to share the lovely review from Kerry who is absolutely beautiful and I am hoping in the future our paths will cross again. And since everyone seems to love and return to Thailand it’s entirely possible.

Also I love this area where the photos were taken. There are so many nice places for photos around Naiharn and Sai Yuan and you don’t have to travel far between each beautiful scenic place. A beautiful part of Thailand.

Kind words from Kerry: Having previously lived in Phuket for 10 years, I had the idea to return “home” and make a kind of unofficial wedding photo shoot with my husband after 4 years away from the beautiful country where we met. A lot has changed in the 4 years since our actual wedding photos (including some significant weight loss on my husband’s part) and we really wanted to capture this, and have some photos that would celebrate our love and our marriage in a place we both love (i.e. Phuket)! I would be lying if I didn’t say we were feeling a bit awkward by our request and neither of us like to pose for photos so I had no clue what to expect.

Honestly though, I cannot thank Gina enough! She was so welcoming and responsive in correspondence. We share a mutual friend in Phuket (make-up artist Lisa Allen) and what a regret it is that after 15 years of friendship with Lisa, I somehow never met Gina but I am so happy that Lisa recommended Gina.

I was on a really tight schedule during my time in Phuket and unfortunately Gina couldn’t actually do the photo shoot herself but she sent along a team member who was absolutely superb at keeping Alex and I relaxed so we could enjoy a truly awesome afternoon. We laughed, smiled and really enjoyed every minute. It was just like getting married all over again (without the hassle of guests!)

This week I received the edited final photos and I finally feel like our love has been captured in these images. For people that rarely like photos of themselves, there are some beauts in this collection from Gina Smith Photography! THANK YOU GINA SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY. You achieved something I thought it was impossible to achieve (with one of the least photogenic people on Earth aka me)!!! ~ photography by Idsara.