Phuket Muay Thai

Sharing some highlight images from the Black Tie Muay Thai III and Phuket Has Been Good To Us children’s charity event in Phuket that included exciting fights and a Muay Thai kicking competition.

Courageous fighters who stepped into the ring included: Costa Rican Allan Batista; Australian Hillary Davison; Elly “The Lone” Wolff; James Donald a teacher at Tantiwit School Cherngtalay; Peter Webber of Les Diables; Sumi Soorian, from Bampot Kitchen and Bar; 12 year old Kiau from Sutai Gym; and Muay Thai professionals Nid “Petsomrit” from Sutai Gym and Sing from Cherngtalay Gym.

All proceeds from this Phuket event went to the Phuket Has Been Good To U to continue to fund their much needed English education programme that provides free English lessons to more than 1,200 underprivileged Thai children, aged 3-18, in three government schools in Phuket.



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