I used to do photo shoots with friends and family for fun and for favors all the time and these days I have to admit to being a bit slack at planning or offering. But when Carol is in town we always get together and take some nice photos. Last time we do a yoga and xmas shoot. This time we were planning to do some of Carol in her chef’s jacket but she brought the wrong size. So we just did some lifestyle shots in Lisa’s new house.

Carol is a raw food chef with a very successful business in Toronto and seems she feeds half the city including the rich and famous. Last time Carol was in Thailand she was just setting up her business, belmonteraw.com and now she has a restaurant, retail shop, teaches classes and devotes much of her life to creating amazing raw food dishes. I’m so lucky because when she visits she loves to use my kitchen to make food from the local market. You would not believe how incredible her food is. And she can whip up the best salads ever that even Tim will eat them full of things he won’t normally eat. It’s lovely…anyway here are some photos. Thanks to Lisa for doing Carol’s hair and make-up and letting us use her lovely new villa which is perfect to shoot in because it’s all white and modern. Miss you Carol, isn’t she beautiful ~ photography by Gina.