Not long until baby number 2 arrives. We are so excited and the official 2 month countdown is on! Kingston will have a little brother soon. This month I’m winding down with the photo shoots. It’s time to take a bit of a rest and prepare for the big life change that’s just around the corner.

I have 2 doctors who are amazing and I always talk about them when people say: “OMG are you really having a baby in Thailand?”

The first is Dr Suppakrit at Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Samkong. He delivered Kingston and when I found out I was pregnant I knew he had to be my doctor again. He’s kind and nice but no nonsense. I trust him completely and he’s a big advocate of natural childbirth which is very rare in Thailand. Most Thais have c-sections and it’s not what I want to do if possible. And the hospital feels more like a spa than a hospital. It’s really nice and really high tech and I feel so safe and happy there.

The second is Dr Fred who is an American acupuncturist who specializes in the areas of fertility, pre-natal and post-natal but can also treat any condition. When we decided to have another baby I made an appointment with him so I could make sure I was at optimum health to fall pregnant. But by the time our first appointment rolled around I was already pregnant. I feel like the acupuncture treatments have made me calmer and more relaxed and should help with the baby being able to arrive on time. Kingston was a week late, induced and then it was a 30 hour labor. I’ll be happy with a shorter one this time. Check out Dr Fred’s website here.

What is a post without a photo? See below for our baby’s first photo ~ photography by Dr Suppakrit.

baby scan