I have to write this right now from the very place I’m talking about. Mustang Nero, a small 8-bedroom place in Bangkok that you can book on Airbnb. What a quirky and refreshing, retro-styled funky place to stay. You really have to see if to believe it.

There is a room off reception filled with taxidermied animals including a huge polar bear from France, a lion that has an expression on it’s face that makes it look like it belongs in a kid’s cartoon and a regal giraffe. You can sit on the floor amongst the life-life creatures. A few live cats roam around the guesthouse and I ask the staff if they think the cats worry about joining the other animals. He laughs but says the cats don’t like to go in the room with the stuffed jungle animals, so maybe, just maybe they do.

I could have happily stayed all day in reception but my room was amazing too. I stayed in the “Zebra Song” room on the top floor next to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” room.

Rooms are booked in advance quite solidly so don’t delay. You’ll never experience anything like this again. Here are some photos from my light travel-friendly point and shoot and iPhone ~ photography by Gina.

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