Albert and Karen came to Phuket for a pre-wedding photo shoot at their resort and Phuket Old Town in the lead up to their wedding day.

The Hong Kong couple stayed at Mom Tris Villa Royale in Kata. You might all know I love that place. Especially the lawn area with the antique archway. Here’s the story that I tell every time I am doing a photo shoot there.

Mom Tris is named after the owner Khun Mom Tri. He’s Thai and lives in Bangkok and is very well-known in Thailand especially in art and cultural circles. This place used to be his home and then he decided to open it to the pubic to enjoy by making it into a resort. One day he was traveling somewhere remote in Thailand and saw some people demolishing some buildings and he saw the beautiful archway. He asked them if he could take it and they were happy for him to move it. And he brought it back to Phuket and made it into part of the garden. It’s a beautiful backdrop for the garden.

I read this story many times over the years in magazines. One day I was at the restaurant and he was there. I was so lucky to meet him and asked him to tell the story which he kindly did but in much more detail then I had known before. He really is a warm, lovely person. I was a bit star-struck to meet him finally.

So I always like to take photos in that garden. And we do cocktail hour there often when we have weddings next door at Impiana Private Villas.

Anyway back to the shoot. The skies opened so we headed to Phuket Old Town. The couple changed into Thai traditional costumes for the photos around the old town. We explored the temple, Dibuk Road, Soi Rominee, art galleries, cafes, shops and the museum. There are new murals painted on many of the walls in that area now too. I also love the old town so much.

And then we had lunch and went to Kata Beach. The weather was not terrific but we were happy and having a great photo shoot with a lot of fun and another outfit change – a pineapple dress.

This was the full day photo shoot including flowers, hair and make-up and transportation and photos of course. If you are interested to book this shoot or the shorter half day version just drop me a line for more info ~ photography by Gina.