Our Krabi adventures continue. We went to Ao Nam Mao and caught a long tail boat to Railay Beach for 100 baht per person one way. It took only about 10 – 15 minutes to get there with beauty scenery on the way.

At Railay Bay there is a little village and a bunch of resorts including the luxurious Rayavadee. You can walk along a pathway together with locals, monkeys and tourists for about 10 minutes and arrive at Phra Nang Beach which has several caves including one filled with wooden penises – hand-carved, some painted, big, small, all colors, decorated with ribbon and fabric.

Some believe the mystical sea princess called the Phra Nang Princess resides in the cave in the photos below. Thai fishermen would bring their wishes and prayers to the sea princess before heading out on their fishing trips. She would protect them from danger and give them good luck at sea. Then the fishermen would return to the Phra Nang Princess with an offering.

Offerings would include flowers, jewels, ribbons and candles. And this princess was also important to people suffering from infertility issues hence the collection of phallic sculptures. It’s a surprising sight, especially before you hear the legend.

Railay Beach is the most famous destination for rock climbing in southern Thailand. It’s entertaining to watch the rock climbers scale the steep cliffs with monkeys running around here and there. And the beach is gorgeous.

Kingston was happy playing around in the sand and exploring. After we spent some time there we went to a local restaurant for a seafood lunch and then hopped back on the long tail boat to the mainland ~ photography by Gina.

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